Saturday, 21 May 2016

Lawmakers urge Obama to address human rights on Vietnam trip
Vietnam's president is also under pressure to discuss America's human right's record.
It is a close-run thing as to which country has more to be ashamed of.

Money pouring in to Wasserman Schultz-Tim Canova primary contest
And most of this money is coming from outside of the election district, contributed by people who are not satisfied with picking who shall represent them in congress, they also want to be able to pick who represents you.

The case seems to be about the right of victims to have a trail by media if they do not agree with the professional judgement of the state.

UN asks government to explain two-child cap on child tax credits
SNP raised concerns about ‘medieval’ clause that only allows exemption from cap for children conceived through rape
       I did not know they had too many people on the planet in Medieval times, nor that government policies were designed to not encourage the selfish back then.
       Of course the Selfish National Party is against anything that might be a drag on selfishness, which is why they think we should just take folks at their word: they like to pretend that people never lie when there is money involved.  (It makes the system and the government easier to scam.)
Where’s the fire and idealism? This Europe debate is flat and tawdry
Yes, Alex, and the Selfish National Party is the epitome of why the debate is flat and tawdry: it is all about me-I-my-mine, not about ideals. Scexit or Brexit: the arguments are the same. If you are for one and against the other, you could be a hypocrite.
The Observer View on the GM Crop Debate
Europe can no longer turn its back on the benefits of genetically modified crops
Like climate change deniers, GM benefit deniers think that science has no place in a political debate.

EXCLUSIVE: Evangelical leaders to quiz Trump on faith and values
Trump has faith in the gift of the gab, and in nothing else.
 He values Donnie Trump and nothing else.
The sooner "evangelical leaders" realize this, the less they will be dupes.
        If they ask him his positions, he will tell them what they want to hear and have absolutely no compunction about abandoning them 24-hours later.

Donald Trump sees political gain in Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs
Well, that tells you what he thinks of the American electorate, doesn't it?

NRA facing member backlash over Trump endorsement
NRA backs lying xenophobic blowhard bankrupt. 
Why? Because they think he is more scared of them than the lying scofflaw is. 
What the poor NRA dupes do not realize is that Trump has NO intention of keeping those pledges. 
He will change his position as soon as he is elected: he likes to pander to the majority.

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