Sunday, 22 May 2016

ISIS Calls For Attacks On West During Ramadan
Not yet. These koufar moharebeh will hold off their big attack on the USA until one week before the election.  It will be designed to ensure a Trump victory.

Yale’s Renowned Global Justice Professor Is Accused Of Sexual Harassment
Oh, he was accused, was he? He must be guilty then, innit?

Maths Question Aimed At Six And Seven-Year-Olds Is Completely Stumping Parents
Mostly because the stumped parents can't read.   
However, it is a trick question: It depends on how many got on and off between stops.

David Cameron Says He’s Not ‘Posh’, And Says It’s An Old Empire Shipping Term
What? The plebs didn't know that POSH was a travelling-to-and-from-India term? 
SOPH would mean your only view was of the sea.
PS: What is the difference between calling someone posh and calling someone a pleb?

Unmarried Woman Jakki Smith Begins Legal Fight After Being Denied Bereavement Damages
‘So many couples don’t want to get married, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated the same.’
True. Just because someone is not a veteran, doesn't mean they should not get veterans benefits. 
Just because someone didn't have a baby doesn't mean they shouldn't get maternity leave. 
People who do not want to look for work should still get job-seekers allowance.

Britain's first water cocktail bar to open at top London department store
Some people have more money than sense and there's one born every minute.

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