Monday, 23 May 2016

Nicola Sturgeon Accuses Cameron And Osborne Of Running ‘Fear-Based’ CampaignDear Nikki: If you support Scexit but do not support Brexit, you could be a hypocrite. 
    If the way you support Remain is by running down your fellow Remainers, it could be that you secretly support Brexit as a way of getting Scexit. 
      Indeed the entire referendum seems to be less about Europe and more about jostling for political position and settling political scores at home, with both sides lying their heads off because they think the electorate is too stupid to know the difference between truth and lie. They may be right.

Bill Named After Murdered Girl Fails On House Floor As Her Family WatchesGood. This was a knee-jerk law, designed to please the upset, that would have granted a completely unnecessary increase of police powers.

North Yorkshire council backs first UK fracking tests for five yearsWind farms, solar arrays and nuclear plants draw the same opposition, wherever they are proposed. People just want to USE power; they do not want it to be produced. Completely irrational but totally human.

Female Cyclists Face Sexual Harassment In London Every Day
Catcalls with sexual comments are sexual harassment: women should stand up to it and other men should make it clear to the perps that it is NOT acceptable behaviour.
                   BUT, you need to get over yourself:
Waving is not sexual harassment.
Taking photographs is not sexual harassment. 
Men taking photographs of women is no different than women taking photographs of women - to suggest otherwise would be horribly sexist and bigoted. 
         People take photographs of things and people they see that they might like to remember or that they think helps express their artistic bent. As every phone is now a camera, this has become both easy and common. If you do not wish to be photographed in public, do not go out in public. 

You have a very good point on sexual harassment; one that you damage by including things that are not 
sexual harassment. So you REALLY need to get over yourself.

Judge Finds Baltimore Police Officer Not Guilty In Death Of Freddie Gray
The lynch mob are not satisfied. They don't have the evidence the judge had, but they do have rumours. Based on those rumours, their minds are made up and no amount of facts or reason will change them.
   All exacerbated by racism: the perp was black, the cop was white, so the cop MUST be guilty.

Kanye West’s use of N-word in song is justified, says Paul McCartney
If black people can use the word, white people can use the word.
Anything else is just racism and bigotry.
    I love the use of the word "Urban". I think it means: just like downtown Stockholm or Beijing

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