Monday, 9 May 2016

Jeremy Corbyn Tells Labour MPs To Stop Arguing In Public Too right! 
Stop disagreeing with Jeremy and do as you are told. 
Only speak about the topics he wishes you to speak about.
Why can't you see that this is democracy.

Dan Savage Has A Brilliantly Gross Idea To Protest NC’s  Law
Okay, we buy that Mr Savage is gross and uncouth. 
Why should we care.? How much is he paying Huuffpo for this publicity?
     This is such an non-issue: just let everyone use whichever toilet they like. 
There once were separate restrooms for white and black, time for men and women to disapppear too. There is NO reason to treat Trans people as if they are special: they are not, they are just people.

Students At This University Are Being Forced To Study Exorcism

Wow! Being forced, eh? At gun point? With thumb-screws? Being held in place by two large monks? What is the precise force being applied?

9 Famous People Who Congratulated Sadiq Khan Before Cameron

Since there was no public statement of "I love you" it must mean that Cameron hates him and is therefore an evil person. Anyone who has not congratulated the new Mayor publicly must be an Islamophobe.     That includes you.
   Stilll, it was nice to know that some famous sychophants were trying to jump on the bandwagon.

North Korea might respond better to a less confrontational west
Trrue, Mary. Bullies usually respond well to people who do not confront them.

The choice for Europe: rescue Greece or create a failed state
It is time to step in and give Greece more of other people's money.
They have spent all theirs on maintaining a neat lifestye while refusing to pay their taxes.
Question is: should they get away with this or we make sure that taxpayers in other countries continue to support their profligacy?

Quizzing the prime minister on Lineker’s pants – this is how democracy dies
True: unless politicians are 100% serious 100% of the time it will be the death of democracy.
No politician should ever be allowed to tell a joke or try to lighten the mood. Ever.
The steady drip, drip, drip of humour will destroy Britain.

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