Friday, 20 May 2016

Frozen Custard Shop’s ‘English Only’ Policy Causing Heated Controversy
Outrageous. I should be able to order my ice cream in German like any other tourist. 
If they do not cater to my language, they should not cater to other languages. 
Wouldn't be that be racism?

Labour’s Tom Watson Says ‘Selfish’ Boris Johnson Has ‘Hijacked’ EU Referendum
And a good thing too. Most Britons do not understand what stay or leave actually means for themselves, the country or the world.  A personality contest: "Do you like Boris or David & Jeremy?" is something the electorate can get their teeth into.

Congress Is Using Zika To Weaken Truck Safety
Well if you are going to save some lives, you have to arrange to lose some. It is called 

Next James Bond Could Be A Woman
I think it is a good idea - it could start a trend: the next movie about suffragettes could see the Emily Pankhurst role played by a man, while the next Jungle Book would have Kim played by a 60-year-old and the next film about the underground railroad has Harriet Tubman's role played by a white.

Oklahoma Introduces Measure To Impeach Obama Over Transgender Bathroom Rights"State Representative John Bennett, a Republican, said in a statement the White House directive was “biblically wrong,” 
I just can't find the passage in the bible that talks about gender and toilets? Can someone help here?
"Transgender Bathroom Rights"?
There is now a RIGHT to be treated specially, one that is denied to 99.7% of Americans? 
Isn't that the definition of a privilege, rather than a right? 
    Trying to phrase this "right" so that it applies to all Americans is tricky: American citizens shall have the right to use the toilet/shower/sports facilities assigned to the gender that they identify with. This seems fine until we try to define "identify with."

Whoever Wins The Democratic Primary Is Responsible For Party Unity
Losers should have no responsibility to be magnanimous in defeat?
Why is that, Jason?

Refugees Being ‘Forgotten’ Just As Their UK Asylum Applications Are Granted
Oh, poor babies. They have been allowed to settle here, but they should not be left to get on with things like the rest of Britain: they should be coddled and supported with other people's money for as long as it takes them to make them feel all warm and fuzzy, no matter how many years that takes?

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