Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Queen CAUGHT On Camera Calling Chinese Officials ‘Very Rude’"
The use of the word "caught" is telling. This story along with the corruption conversation tap on Cameron, says the media, huffpo included, are now mounting a campaign of eaves-drop spying with the specific intent of embarrasing our leaders and thereby damaging diplomatic relations with other countries. Does this hurt Britain? Of course it does, but it also sells advertising and the media have to keep thier priorities straight.

NASA Discovers A Slew Of New Planets
9 possibly earth-like (habitable) out of 150,000 systems examined. With some 100 billion systems in the galaxy, I make that 6 million possibilities.

GOP Senator Wants To Know If Facebook Is Biased Against Conservatives
None of his business. We do not want big government interfering in our media, telling FOX and MSNBC what kind of biases they can or can't have. We have become accustomed to completely biased media and would be lost in the face of objectivity.

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