Saturday, 7 May 2016

Muslims Put Off Politics By Campaign Against Me, Sadiq Khan Says
Awwww. Poor babies Step up to the plate my Muslim brothers and sisters. You can't change things by hiding or running away (nor, misguided kiddies, by violence).
        You can only change things by taking power. To do that you must capture the center, win the vote and then lead us to greater and better things.
        Khan has done the first and second. Let's see how he does with the third.

Way Too Many Tourists Are Dying In Hawaii
Hawaii should be punished for the stupidity of these tourists! 
How dare the state allow people to enjoy themselves and take their own risks and responsibilities? They should insist that no tourist goes into the water without at least one lifeguard within 3 meters.

Boris Johnson Branded A ‘P***k’ By London Cyclist
and this cyclist came up and went ‘prick’. “It is absolutely true - that is the job of Mayor of London.”
See, even Boris admits that it is true: he I a prick.

Xenophobic yes, racist no! Muslim is NOT a race.
People who use racism when they mean xenophobia (or islamophobia or anglophobia) cheapen the term.  Perhaps that is the goal: they want to take the heat and sting out of "racism" until it just means "I don't like one group or another." EVERYONE is then a racist and the term has no more critical power.

Australia’s Hidden Migrant Crisis
They won't stay and fix their own countries, they simply want to run to another whose citizens have created a better culture than their own. Understandable, but horribly selfish.

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