Sunday, 8 May 2016

'House Prices Would Fall Significantly Under Brexit'

Nonsense.  If you believe that, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn you might want to buy.
"Gove claimed the UK could enjoy a relationship with the EU that had “all the advantages” but “none of the payouts” by forging a new trading deal. The Justice Secretary said the UK should leave the single market but would be able to agree to tariff-free trading with the remaining EU members."
    Exactly the kind of lies Salmond told when he was trying to sell Scexit: Scotland can keep the pound, stay in the EU, keep the submarine fleet and defense contracts, etc, etc, etc.

Nicola Sturgeon Confirms SNP Will Relaunch Independence Campaign
Scexit, Brexit; same arguments. 

Why not? They bully him. And his party. And anyone else in a position of power or respect. The BBC, indeed all journalists, seem to have decided that they should perform the roll of the opposition, rather than that of reporters. 

Conservative Muslim Forum Chief Says Zac's ‘Smear’ Campaign Increased Isis Attack Threat
What an idiot! Still, he does help the media (including Huffpo) try to sell the world as a dangerous place where everyone should be afraid of saying anything at all.   
       And, I suppose, Mr Mohammed Amin's comments, coupled with the wide reporting of them, make an ISIS attack here much more likely

Dan Savage Takes On Ann Coulter Over Transgender Bathroom Rights
Who takes on who?  Who are these people?  Why should we care what they think?
Transgender people should be treated equally: just like everyone else in our society.
What? The only way to treat them equally is to give them special privileges that no one else has?
Oh.    Sorry.     Never mind.
(See, those of us who have flown in a commercial airplane still really don't understand the issue.)

Benghazi Committee Turns 2 Years Old, But Still Isn’t Done
Not by a long shot. This still has 18 years to run..

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