Monday, 15 August 2016

'Brutal but effective': why Team GB has won so many Olympic medals
Britain Smashed The Olympics Medal Table On ‘Super Sunday’
Five golds is Team GB’s best ‘away-day’. 
Why do they keep saying Team GB? 
Has Northern Ireland simply not sent any athletes this year?
Or is Northern Ireland competing as part of the Ireland team?
Is it really Team UK or is it only team GB?

New Forest being destroyed by growing number of ponies, says Chris Packham
Having spent this week-end in Brockenhurst, driving down though Lyndhurst and back via Beaulieu, I think he is absolutely right! 
A cull of both horses and cows is desperately needed.  
In addition to the damage to other species and reduced biodiversity, there is now so much manure in the pastures that the horses and cattle will soon begin sickening.

Andy Murray Called A Hero For Correcting John Inverdale
"Inverdale was presumably referring to the fact that Murray is the first man..."
Probably a false presumption.
Inverdale probably meant Murray was the first Brit to score two tennis golds.
       What? That can't be reported because then there is no controvesry, no one is supposed to feel bad
       and we can't create any ill will toward anyone? Oh. Sorry. Never Mind.
Still, it was very nice of Andy to remind us that the Williams sisters are also Brits.
Right! And stores should not sell colanders to non-Pastafarians.

Race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, colour, hair type, gender, political views : why don't we just make ANY negative opinion about anyone a "hate crime" and put people in jail for uttering any words that someone else does not like or may feel offended by.

Parents Share Experiences Of Gender Stereotyping
It is outrageous!  Ban all single-sex stores now!
All clothes should be mixed together, not separated by gender, regardless of the age. 
It is sexist stereotyping to assume that a man might not wish to buy a dress or bra, or a woman not want to buy a tux or jock strap. 

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