Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Khizr Khan Financially Linked to Saudi Arabia, Clinton Foundation
Yeah! THAT'S the way to trash the reputation of the families of our soldiers.
We don't owe Captain Khan any gratitude - because he's a blinking Muslim.
If he hadn't already died defending us, we would cheerfully kill him now for being a Muslim and because his dad doesn't support Trump
     These Muslims are just like the Jews in WWII, who didn't support Hitler.
Once Donald is elected we can start on a final solution
      Trump Heil! Trump Heil!  Trump HEIL!

Sarah Palin’s War Hero Son-In-Law Slams Trump’s Attacks On Khan Family
This will be interesting: will Trump and the TeaParty now trash a Medal of Honour winner and Sarah Palin?
Try to destroy their reputations like the Khan's?

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