Tuesday, 30 August 2016

But not on Putin or Erdogan or Xi. So just an anti-American organization, full stop

EU Antitrust Regulators Order Apple To Pay Ireland Up To $14.5 Billion In Taxes
This is basically just extortion, which the EU admitted when it said that it would lower the amount if other European countries sought back taxes. The goal is first to tell European countries that they do not have the power to write their own tax laws and second to get a bunch of Apple's money paid into various state coffers so they will whine less loudly about the cost of EU membership after Brexit.
     When governments write tax laws to attract companies, the EU says, companies should not be able to rely on those laws. The EU can always come in and say "Okay, country X, now that you have had the benefit of the jobs you attracted, the EU will force you to collect more taxes retroactively, because we do not think your nation's word is worth the paper it is printed on.

Migrants In Calais Should Be Able To Claim British Asylum While In France
Because the French wish to violate EU law and not have these people apply for asylum where they are. After taking them into their country, the French will not care for them and will not deport them because it is easier and cheaper to simply do nothing and let them rot, while occasionally whining that Britain should do something since the French are to mean to help.

Labour To Be Hit Hardest By Boundary Changes: Claims Of ‘Gerrymandering
We don't want constituencies of equal size, we want rotten boroughs wherever they benefit us. 
We also resent 50 people being denied a place at the trough. 
These kinds of cuts to government welfare payments will cripple..... well, our MPs, actually.

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