Monday, 22 August 2016

Olympics Sexism Revealed: The 9 Most Depressing Moments Women Athletes Faced
These were SO much worse for women than than coming last in an event.
1. Of course she wore blue nail polish so no one would notice it.
2. Since Ledecky is so much more well known than Phelps, her win should have lead.
3. The deep cleavage dress was not designed to draw attention to her breasts. No, really.
4. If he had said dog fight it would have been okay?
5. The correction was not nearly grovelling or whiney enough
6. Had it been a male cyclist, Betancourt's behaviour would have been just fine?
7. Mocking the K-Mart-style uniforms and chocolate-coin medals was obviously "sexist" because the athletes were female.  Had they been men, the comment would have been just fine.
8. Inverdale meant first Brit, but excellant save by Murray!
9. Commentator suggested Kenny might be THINKING "what's for tea" NOT asking Trott this.

       In short, one has to reach pretty far and hard to make many of these even seem sexist but there are plenty who will make the stretch: one gets press coverage from alleging sexism, because allegations sell advertising.   
Does it make people unhappy with themselves and with others?  Who cares?

Guy ‘Mansplains’ Cycling To Olympian Annemiek Van Vleuten After High-Speed Accident
The word "mansplain" is a sexist epithet. Accusing a male of "mansplaining" is a hate crime..
What word is used when a woman does this: Matronizing? Missdissing? Or just nagging?

Authoritative Guide To WTF Is Going On With Trump Campaign
   Could we have a guide to WTF is going on with Huffpo reporting. By giving Trump 4 times the coverage granted anyone else, they certainly are helping his campaign and his candidacy     Is the supposed anti-Trump stance of Huffpo a journalistic feint - and they really want him to win?

Oooh! Graffiti is now a war crime. Kiilroy should have served time in jail.
Billy Loves Suzie to face the International Court Of Justice in Den Haag, or just a court martial?

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