Monday, 1 August 2016

Khizr Khan Smeared As A Terrorist For Speaking Out Against Donald Trump
Alan West and Sandy Rios sounds like Reinhard Heydrich and Adolf Eichmann.
Trump Heil!

Byron Burger Protest Activist Says Firing Staff A Better Option Than ‘Booby Trap
True. When being defrauded by someone who disobeys the law, the best practice is to turn a blnd eye to their actions.
      Our laws should only be obeyed when they are convenient and people who break laws that they do not like should never be turned in to the police.
      Just because they are willing to defraud you and make you and your business into criminals is no reason that you should return the favour.
      Instead, you should always abet them in their crimes

Joseph Rowntree Report Shows How Failing To Tackle Poverty Is Costing Us The Earth
Extremely inefficient. There are, according to government data, 13 million peoople in poverty in the UK. Simply give each one of them £6000. Problem solved, with no additional expenditure needed.
      (Of course, the whingers would say those at the bottom are still "relatively" poor.)

U.S. Judge To Weigh Blocking North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Law
Good for him. Big government has no business telling people where to pee - they can sort these things out by themselves. Leave the LBGTRF folks to negotiate this with their neighbours.

Pope Francis Says Violence By Catholics Shows Why ‘It Is Not Right’ To Say Islam Is Violent
Of course it is not right. But the umma could help: every congreation should issue a fatwah of takfir against the moharebbeh ISIS and all of their supporters. Our media could also help by ceasing to use their propaganda: ISIS is neither Islamic nor a State and we should stop helping them pretend that they are by using that name.

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