Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Olympics Sexism Revealed: The 9 Most Depressing Moments Women Athletes Faced
Aubrey Allegretti's Sexism Revealed: Huffpo Journalist's Article on Sexism Covers Only Women.
Not a single example of stupid and sexist things said about men during the coverage. 
Egregious bias exposed!
Most sexist article about sexism at the Olympics yet.

British Empire Medal Table Tweeer Wheeler Defends Post As ‘Tongue In Cheek
The EU tally was created by a German as a bit of fun. The Empire one was fun in a similar vein. HOWEVER, if the media work really, really hard, they can get some people to dislike each other over this. Remember: hatred and conflict sells advertising!

Gender Pay Gap For Mothers Widens After Having Children, New Research Finds,
Gosh, you mean people with less seniority get paid less?
People with more skills get paid more than people with fewer skills?
And people willing to work full-time get more than people who will only commit to part time?
Whodda thunk it?

CCTV Shows Seats Available When Jeremy Corbyn Sat On Floor In Nationalisation Video
What? You expected truth when there was a good lie available? You don't know Corbyn.

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