Monday, 22 August 2016

Not only "fair and humane," but "to each his own" and "work shall set them free."
We shall have one people, one country, one leader!
Trump command, we shall follow you.

Racism After Brexit Jumped Sharply On Railways, British Transport Police Finds
Polish is not a race.
Nationality is not a race.
Is it consensus that the term "racism" is so demeaned that it now only means "dislike of any identifiable group" regardless of their race?"

Scottish Labour leader backs Owen Smith against Jeremy Corbyn
Another one that doesn't get it:
Corbyn supporters do not want to win.
Like Brexiteers, they do not want ANYONE in power.
They think those in power, regardless of party, do not have their interests at heart.

They just want someone who will publicly rant and rave at the establishment.

Why has women’s fitness become a beauty contest?
I agree with the author. No one should ever compliment a woman for her looks or comment positively on her looks or clothes. All positive references to female beauty should be forbidden.

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