Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Donald Trump Has Offended Most People This Week And It’s Only Wednesday
And Huffpo keeps giving him free press coverage every time he does it. 
Given the amount of slavish coverage, methinks Huffpo protest too much about not liking him.
     PS: When Huffpo are so inaccurate abut the Purple Heart medal they are discussing, one wonders what else about their coverage is ignorant, ill-researched or simply wrong.

Steven Woolfe Excluded From Ukip Leadership Contest As Party Thrown Into Chaos
So what? After the UK leavs the EU the party will have accomplished its only goal. 
If they do not disband, we will know they are only hanging on to feed at the trough.

If Apple’s Diversity Is Meh, Silicon Valley Is Failing Miserably
We need to know the percentage of qualified applicants from a given group versus the percentage of appointments. That will tell us whether it is Apple and the Valley who are failing because of sexism/racism, or whether it is a failure on the part of a gender or an ethnic group to apply.
    What? It can never be the responsibility of an individual or a group to succeed, only companies can be held to account, not people. Oh! Sorry. Never mind.

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