Saturday, 27 August 2016

Burkini Ban Overturned By France’s Top Administrative CourtOh no! Does that mean wet-suits will be allowed again too?
Will we once again have to put up with these disgusting people who come onto our beaches in khakis, a polo shirt and tassled loafers?

Clinton team used special program to scrub server, Gowdy says
Oooooh! Not just a program, but a "special" program? That is super evil, innit?
Only disciples of Satan ever use "special" programs.
Let’s Call The Conspiracy Theories About Hillary’s Health What They AreUh Oh. We're not playing the "sexism" card already, are we? 
The campaign still has a way to run. 
Shouldn't we hold our best whining in reserve for when we need it?

Obama creates largest ocean reserve, takes heat for new federal decreesGood for him. I certainly hope fishing jobs are in peril.
They have been putting my fish stocks in peril for decades
It's about time they got some of their own back.

Depraved new ISIS video shows child executioners gunning down Kurds
These moharebbeh perverters of Islam are enemies of Allah .  I demand a fatwah of takfir against them.

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