Saturday, 20 August 2016

Black Lives Matter UK Vows More Protests Until End Of ‘Racist Crisis In Britain’"
... young black people are over represented at all stages of the criminal justice system."
Even if that over-representation includes the commission of crimes, blacks suffer 3 times more arrests than their proportion of the population would predict and 6 times more stop-and-searches (not 17 times as claimed above). While it is conceivable (though not very likely) that blacks commit 3 times more arrestable crimes than whites, it is pretty darn certain that they are not 6 times more likely to be up to no good on our streets.

hite       Black    Asian       Mixed      other/unk
Population aged 10 and over (2009)   88.6%      2.7%     5.6%        1.4%          1.6%
Stops and searches                             67.2%    14.6%     9.6%        3.0%          5.6%
Arrests 2009/10                                   79.6%       8.0%     5.6%        2.9%          4.1%

Hence, the numbers arrested were   955,200   96,000    67,200      34,800      49,200
(arrests for notifiable offenses = 1.2m)

However: beware of number-based arguments: police could easily remove the "racist crisis" in stop-and-search by simply stopping more whites - briefly and politely. It could even bring positive PR: nice to see the bill is on the job.

“Less than 40 per cent of White British and Irish inpatients were subject to detention under the Mental Health Act but over 60 per cent of inpatients from the Mixed White and Black African, Caribbean, African and Any Other Black backgrounds were subject to compulsion." Difficult to know what this means: is it possible that blacks are less likely to go into residential psychiatric institutions if they are not forced to do so?

Josh Brown, New York Giants Kicker, Suspended One Game For Alleged Domestic Abuse
What is the matter with these guys in the NFL? 
Don't they realize they are supposed to be the harsher part of the criminal justice system?
When the police and the DA drop charges against one of their players who is accused of something, the NFL should jump in to try him and convict him on the basis of guilty until proven innocent.
Or perhaps just sentence him without bothering with a trial. 
Accused means guilty in America now, doesn't it?

Private Landlords Got £9.3bn In Housing Benefit Last Year As Taxpayers Foot Bill
These landlords should be forced to let folks live in their properties free of charge.
What else is slavery for?

Outrageous! This scheme not helping subsidize the rich who can afford to buy houses in the way it was supposed to. The whole idea was to make buyers better off than renters, paying for the 3k subsidy out of the taxes paid by folks who can only afford to rent.

Anjem Choudary Has Been Silenced - His Followers, Not So Much

Why are these people not being prosecuted for hate crimes: Christianophobia, Algophobia and Occidentophobia

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