Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bringing Back Manufacturing Jobs Would Be Harder Than It Sounds
We will bring back manufacturing, but not manufacturing jobs. The jobs went overseas because labor was cheaper and often better or more responsive. Automated manufacturing can be cheaper even than 3rd-world labour. When a company switches to robotic manufacturing, they do will it here, rather than overseas, to shorten the supply chain.  Out of 10 jobs that went overseas, 1 will come back - to manage the automated processes.

Tulip Siddiq Says She May Vote Against Triggering Article 50
Not using Article 50 sounds like the worst of both worlds: take the economic hit in the markets and convince Brexiteers that there really is a democracy deficit.
    Still, you can see her point: if her constituents voted to remain, she must vote against Article 50 - anything else would be ignoring the clearly expressed democratic will of the people.
    If all MPs follow suit (and their constituents), the vote would be around 421 to 229 in favour of triggering Article 50 and Brexit.

Report On Anti-Muslim Abuse Descends Into Row After Man Makes Islamophobic Comments
This guy may have made Islamophobic comments, but none are reported in this article. 
(The article makes it clear that he was a boor, but nothing quoted or filmed here is Islamophobic.)
     “I don’t really think that me condemning these kind of attacks is going to change people’s opinions.” That is what the Protestants and Catholics said in Northern Ireland, allowing the violence to continue uncondemned for decades. Actuually, it will change people's opinions, especially if the entire Ummah condemns each and every vicious act done in the name of Islam - and calls for fatwahs against the perpetrators there of.

Donald Trump Wants To Be Called ‘Mr Brexit’ And No One Knows The Hell Why
Jack Sommers use of "the hell" certainly raised the intellectual level of this piece; from 3rd grade to 6th. How brave and sophisticated of him to use a swear word in place of an argument.

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