Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Virgin Trains Might Be In Trouble For Releasing CCTV Of Jeremy Corbyn 
Of course they are in trouble: catching a politician lying and cheating can't go ahead without some kind of backlash. One of the reason for the data protection act is to prevent people being caught doing something wrong in public

Corbyn’s Train Spat With Branson ‘Shows Establishment Is Petrified’, Says Campaign
Why would anyone be scared of a liar and a cheat? 
Are they scared that Corbyn will lie and cheat in other politics too?

While there were some available seats he had not been able to sit with his wife
Well that's what people do. If they can't sit next to their spouse, they sit on the floor and whine. 
Whining is so much easier and more comforting than reserving two seats together

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