Saturday, 27 August 2016

Former minister calls for new tax to save NHS and social care
Add 1% to VAT = 7 billion: NHS problem solved.
Small recession, but so what; with Brexit we are already used to those.

Being A Muslim Woman And Wearing A Headscarf Post-Brexit
Actually, no one objects to a head scarf at all.     A hijab does get some resistance, but only because it's a special kind of headscarf, specifically designed to stress that the wearer is part of a separate sect and not part of the same community as the rest of the UK.
      Still, the hijab is not offensive and not disrespectful of local British cultural values.
The burka, on the other hand, is both: deliberately disrespectful of local cultural values and hence highly offensive.

Jeremy Corbyn Says He’s ‘Not Wealthy’ Despite £138,000 A Year Salary
Making 5 times more than the average person is not wealthy, it's just that the others are so poor. This is why Corbyn plans to raise the minimum wage to 66 pounds an hour, so everyone else will be lower middle class like he is.

John McDonnell Calls For Richard Branson To Lose His Knighthood
So we should strip the knighthood or any other honours from anyone who does not support Corbyn? He grows more like Trump every day.
Including the amount of negative coverage he is given by Huffpo.  Sadly, because of the endless tirade we can no longer believe anything Huffpo says about either politician.  It makes us wonder what else in these pages should be discounted as biased campaign rants, as opposed to real news 

Paul Wolfowitz Is So Concerned With Trump He May Vote For Clinton
Sadly, because of their endless anti-Trump tirades, we can no longer believe anything Huffpo says about him. It has become impossible to separate legitimate election news from Huffpo's vitriolic campaign against the Donald. In short, these pages have become untrustworthy
     Hence, we are left wondering whether Wolfowitz really said any of these things and we need to go to Der Speigel to see if Huffpo's report is actually true. 
     Pity. They used to report news, now they are just a partisan campaign rag.
PS: Before any Hilarites jump on me for this comment, I am against Trump and his message and could not, will not, vote for him

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