Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Erdogan: US Has ‘No Excuse’ To Hold Onto Gulen
Just because Erdogan has torn up the rule of law in Turkey is no reason for others to do the same. 
The US is not "holding on" to Gulen. 
Extradition requires more than one nation saying "gimmie, gimmie" to another. 
        The US-Turkey extradition treaty clearly says that Turkey must show the alleged offense is against the laws of both countries and, in this case, Turkey must prove that Gulen's offence was "committed or attempted against a Head of State or a Head of Government". 
The US has yet to see any evidence against Gulen for any offense, much less this one.

Tony Blair: My Type Of Politics Might Have Had Its Day
Possibly so: Trump and Corbyn supporters like their man to ride the anger and don't really care if the proposed solutions range from improbable to impossible. As long as Trump and Corbyn whine loudly enough, they will have many, many followers,

It does not matter. Like Trump, the more lies Corbyn tells the more his supporters love him

At what point are women allowed to look their age?
Although there are trans-agers: those who identify with a different age than the number of years they have been alive, women ALWAYS look their age not matter how hard they try. PS: they are "allowed" whenever they allow themselves.

BIAS ALERT: Professor says Trump is so bad, class doesn't have to be balanced
FOX News has been doing exactly this with Obama for 8 years, with the strident support of a large segment of their audience, so why are they upset now? Or is it just: It's okay when I do it, but don't you dare?

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