Wednesday, 31 August 2016

More Than A Quarter Of A Million Girls In Britain Are Unhappy, Report Reveals
Bizarre reporting: we are told that 11% of boys are unhappy about life and 20% about their appearance - but we are never told that the percentage of girls who feel this way is 14% and 33% respectively. For girls, we get only the raw number and the amount of increase since the last survey, but we are not given the raw numbers for boys. So we have no way to compare the two groups.

Does the reporter not understand statistics or does she fear that the percentages are not sensational enough? There IS a link to the report in the first sentence that can lead you to the actual report - the summary
 .pdf is well worth reading.

PS: If you are wondering why this article has a sexist bent - focusing the problems of just one of the genders, it is because the girls' unhappiness numbers have gone up (from 11% to 14% on life and from 30% to 34% on appearance) while boys unhappiness 11% and 20% remains unchanged over the last 5 years. This is mentioned in the article above, but the point is buried a bit by the reporter's odd use of the numbers.

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