Monday, 28 December 2015

Nicky Morgan Wants Schoolchildren Taught That Britain Is Mainly A Christian Country
And so they shoulld, because it is.
With an established church, Britain is a Chrstian country by law.
It would be extremely churlish to move to a country then ask that it change to suit you.  
That would be like marrying a Christian THEN insisting that they convert to something else.
Those who do not wish to live in a Christian country are not required to stay.

Richard Dawkins Responds To New Statesman Writer's Accusations Of 'Islamophobia'
He might also walk out on an interview with a Pastafarian, refusing to accept that the Flying Spaghetti Monster was a real god. Would that make him a Pastaphobe?

Not buying the miricles that a given religion believes in does not make one a "phobe"." If I do not believe that Moses parted the Red Sea, it does not make me an Anti-Semite nor a Christianophobe.

Explosive Documentary Links Peyton Manning, Major Athletes To Doping Ring
Nearly every NFL player takes pain killers. 
If that is not use of a performance-enhancing drug, then nothing is.

Migrant Children Explain Why They Traveled To The U.S. Alone
The main reason they come alone is because no one, not even their parents, care what happens to them. If they make it across Mexico it is just one more mouth for the US branch of the family to feed; if they die en route, problem solved. Either way they are no longer a burden at home, whether to the family or the country.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

We have stuffed our country. Open your doors so we can stuff yours too.

Video Of Israeli Extremists Mocking Death Of Palestinian Girl Sparks OutrageSee if we can get Cruz to say the words: Radical Jewish Terrorists

U.S. Planning Operation To Deport Central American Families

Immigrants should only have to follow those laws that they find convenient. 
Any laws or court orders that they do not like should simply not be obeyed. 
We have to teach these people that there are no consequences if they ignore our laws and our courts!

Muslim Community 'Making Less Than 10%'Of Referrals I understand the problem. There are some 80 million gun owners in the USA and 12,000 gun homicides each year, yet fewer than 10% of irresponsible gun owners are referred to the police by the gun-owning community. 

The majority of referrals come from schools and businesses, which is breeding is distrust and disillusionment amongst American gun owners

Thursday, 24 December 2015

David Cameron's 'Christian' Christmas Message Attacked
These folk must have missed the fact that the UK has an established religion. That is, the country is Christian (indeed Anglican) by law. 
     Secularism is a good idea, ignorance is not. 
     I blame our education system.

Labour Brands Help To Work Scheme A 'Cruel Joke'

The jobless claimants were NOT made to carry out unpaid work such as clearing up litter and graffiti in order to get their benefits. If they worked and were paid benefits, the work was not unpaid.
    Okay, I agree that it is cruel to call the scheme "help to work" if they are not helped to find work. 
    It should be called "work to earn" and they should just be required to do the work to get the money. Simply divide their benefits by the minuimum wage (or even by the living wage, if you like) and that will yield the number of hours of community service they should perform to warrant receiving their benefits.

Seven Children Drown Off Greek Island On Way To Europe

I am not certain how this Turkish refugeee crisis is allowed to contnue, with ruthless traffickers allowed to operate openly, profiting massively by assisting in the invasion of Greece.  
Why does Greece not load up ferries and take them all back to Turkey?

Immigration Officials To Launch Large-Scale Deportation Raids
What? They are going to enforce our laws? How dare they! Don't they realize that undocumented people have the right to violate any of our laws that they fiind inconvenient? 
     Looks like Obama is continuing his streak of deporting more illegals than any US president and lowering the numbet of illegals entering the USA more than any president. You would think he believes in the rule of law or something.

Cuban adjustment: Migrants talk why they're coming to America
"...economic opportunity, not political refuge, is why they are coming..."
Oh. Well that's okay if they are Cuban.
But if they are Mexican or Honduran, NO WAY!
Why? Well Oh shut up!

How do we reconcile today’s divergent voices of Islam?
We do not reconcile them. 
The KKK claimed to be Christian. They were not.'
The IRA and UDF calimed to be Christian.  They were not.
The Wahabis claim to be Muslim. They are not.
The Jihadis claim to be Muslim when they are the antithesis of Muslim: 
     the Jihadis are moharebeh, enemies of Islam and enemies of Allah.

White Man's Alleged Bomb Plot Against Muslims 
We need to find out how and where this guy was radicalized and why white people aren't doing more to condemn him and stop this kind of radical caucasian terrorism. It is the responsibility of the white community to work with police to identify these individuals so they can be put on a watch list.

Transgender Equality A 'Totemic' Issue Of Our Time
Please also stand up for transracials: those who are a different race to the one they are given at birth. And for the transagers: those who are a different age than the amount of years they have been alive.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Richard Dawkins Accuses Pope Francis Of 'Religious Gullibility' Over Mother Teresa"...history's most fondly remembered missionaries."
    With today's short attention span, 18 year's ago is about all of the history we can remember. No? Okay, other than Albert Schweitzer, name three missionaries from history.

Is Critical Thought Being Suppressed In Scotland?

Critical thinking has disappeared in most places, so why should Scotland be any different?
If you didn't know that anything bad is ALWAYS someone else's fault, I don't know where you have been for the past decade. 
      Okay, the Selfish National Party is at the acme of this philosophy, but they are a long way from the only proponents. Look at all the UK laws that are "the EU's fault". Look at all the pollution caused by making things we buy and throw away that are some big coorporation's fault. Look at all the criticism of companies that only pay the taxes that our laws require them to pay. The SNP has no monopoly here.

Time for Germanic Americans to stand up against hamburgers and frankfurters. 
Time for Mexican Americans to stand up against chilli.
But, on a college campus, Italian Americans will never have the courage to stand up against pizza. They would be slaughtered where they stood.

The Australian Newspaper Slammed For 'Racist' Cartoon Of Indians Eating Solar Panels
As most humor relies on belittlng someone, best never to have a cartoon depicting any ethnicity at all. 
       It is much less racist simply to state that Indians are breeding like rabbits, which is the main cause of climate change, that their government is openly encouraging the growth of green-house gas emissions and that the average Indian is too ignorant of the issues to care very much. Of course, saying so in this way is not very funny.

Why $1.38 A Week Is At The Heart Of The War For The Democratic Party
There is a war for the heart of the Democratic party? 
How many have died so far?

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Some Muslim Americans Irritated By Obama's Call For Them To 'Root Out' Extremism
"We would never ask any other faith community to stand up and condemn acts of violence committed by people within their groups"
That is simply not true.
If people commit violence in the name of a faith community, we ask that community to stand up and condemn those acts. We asked all Catholics and Protestant to stand up and condemn the IRA and the UDF. We asked all whites to stand up and condemn the KKK. We asked all pro-life groups to condemn anti-abortion violence, such as the Colorado Springs shootings.
Muslims do not get a free pass here and, given that Muslim terrorists kill mostly Muslims, it is in thier own interest not to have one,      
If people are killing in your name, it behooves you not only to stand up and condemn them, but to actively assist law enforcement in finding them. It can only help the image of Muslims if we get a few stories about how the Muslim community helped bring terrorists to justice.
Donald Trump’s comments escalate GOP rhetoric on Muslims
The Reinhard Heydrich of the Republican Party, this bigot is not as ignorant as he pretends.
     He knows that 95% of all Muslims are opposed to the jihadis, and that many Muslim countries have no terrorists at all, but he thinks that open bigotry wins votes. Sadly, he is not wrong

Obama urges Americans to 'not succumb to fear' in fight against Isis
It is tough not to, when the usual stalwarts of a brave and proud America (the Republicans) have turned into lily-livered, yellow-bellied cowards.

Yale Faculty Member Who Wrote Controversial Halloween Email Stops Teaching
Looks like the Donald Trumps of the student world got to her.

'Pampered teenagers': Ted Cruz condemns Princeton campus protesters
Cruz is right on so little, but even a blind hog finds an acorn once in awhile.
     The sanitation of history, the modern equivalent of book burning, is something we normally expect from Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Maoist China. It is unexpected to see such conservative positions from kids on US college campuses.
     Whether they are fairly described as "pampered" or not depends on who is paying their tuition and expenses: some certainly are pampered (at Princeton, perhaps even most), but the kids on student loans are most defintely NOT pampered.

Why is France a target? Look to its alienated Muslim youth

The idea that Muslims in Europe are radicalized because they are poor, badly educated and jobless is simply not bourne out by the facts. Almost all of the western-born Muslims who have perpetrated terrorist attacks in the west have been affluent, well educated and working at a job.
It is true that France(indeed most of Europe) has done little to integrate Muslims into the culture and community of France. The Muslim authorities (Imams, elected representatives, whatever) have done even less to foster such integration - they tend to focus on the differences of their community rather than on their common humanity with the rest of their country.

U.S. governors don’t have power to refuse refugees access to their states

Do they have the authority to ban all white christian males from any schools, as the mass school shootings have been perpetrated by white christian males

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Oil Industry Faces CollapseDon't hold your breath. 
As long as you and I and all of our neighbours keep buying fossil fuels, these companies will do just fine

ExxonMobil, Columbia University Clash Over Student Journalists' Reports
The Columbia dean, whose book indicates a clear bais against Exxon-Mobil, thinks it is okay for Columbia journalists to question the professional conduct and integrity of Exxon, but seems quite upset that Exxon might dare to question the professional conduct and integrity of Columbia journalists?
       Is this what they mean by the entitlement generation?
They are already coming to Britain to kill us, Ken
Do you think hiding under the bed will help.

Prince Charles' Interview Demands Labelled 'North Korea Style Censorship'
John Snow usually uses interviews to air his own opinions, to prove that he is a "tough journalist" and to demean the interviewee. I take it he was afraid that he would not be able to get away with this kind of behaviour under the Clarence House Rules.

Charlotte Church Tells MPs To Forget Asking Cameron For An Apology 
Dickhead is an extremely sexist remark; the equiavlent of c#nt-face.
Where is the outrage?

Physicists Explain Why Everyone Is Wrong About That Downed Russian Military Jet
7.5 seconds, implies the Turks issued a warning every 0.75 seconds. (Well, a bit less if the 1st warning was just before the jet entered Turkish airspaccee).   Even acceping the Turkish explanation of 17 seconds, that still means a warning every 2 seconds or less.
      Has anyone heard the tapes of these warnings yet?

Monday, 23 November 2015

University Of Ottawa Yoga Classes Cancelled 'Due To Cultural Appropriation'Too right! Reading and math classes should be banned unless they are taught by Mesopotamians. Or lat least have the "sessions done in a way in which students are aware of where the spiritual and cultural aspects come from, so that these sessions are done in a respectful manner."

How to fight back  The battle against Islamic State must be waged on every front
You could help!  One step would be the Economist (and fellow media outlets) to stop supporting them. By calling these repasit, slave-trading mohareb by the self agrendizing names they choose as a cover for their attrocities. There is nothing Islamic about the Islamic State, nothing Boko about the Haram people of Nigeria. Every time you use these names you offer suppport to their operations

Why is France a target? Look to its alienated Muslim youth
The idea that Muslims in the west are radicalized because they are poor, badly educated and jobless is simply not bourne out by the facts. Almost all of the western-born Muslims who have perpetrated terrorist attacks in the west have been affluent, well educated and working at a job.  
It is true that France (indeed most of Europe) has done little to integrate Muslims into the culture and community of France. The Muslim authorities (Imams, elected representatives, whatever) have done even less to foster such integration - they tend to focus on the differences of their community rather than on their common humanity with the rest of their country.

Hasna Aitboulahcen Did Not Blow Herself Up In Paris Siege, French Police Reports
With 5000 police round fired at a small apartment, I am very surprised that forensics can tell you anything at all. Good work, guys.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

At Mizzou, Yale and beyond, campus protests stir fresh questions about free speech
Ils sont Charlie?
    These students do not want free speech, they want safe speech: no offense, no risk, no controversy and, most importantly: no disagreement with their own views.
     If they view saying anything derogatory against any ethinc group, or using any sterotype, is hate speech,  does this  include calling whites "racist" or "priivileged"?

People Fighting For A Sustainable Future Have A Powerful New Tool
Be nice to have a map showing the world's biggest environmental hazard: places where people have more than 2 children.

Jeremy Clarkson Being Sued For ‘Racial Discrimination' By ‘Top Gear' Producer 
How does this work, when they are both the same race?    I am trying to come to grips with what kind of racist things Clarkson could have said: "Tymon, you white b@st@rd?" or "Tymon, you Honky?"

As Asylum Seekers Swap Prison Beds For Ankle Bracelets, Same Firm Profits
This is HORRIBLE. You mean that someone other than social workers and activists are profiting?

Jeremy Corbyn Says It Would Have Been Better If Jihadi John Had Been Put On Trial
True, I suppose, it would have been better to try lots of enemy soldiers, as there is nothing better to do with tax-payers money, 
      PS: What did Jeremy do to try to capture him?  Did he, as an MP, make representation to DOD asking that JihadiontheJohn be captured?   Did he raise it in parliament at question time? 
     Or does he content himself with Monday morning quarterbacking - criticising actions after the fact as wrong but never proposing, before the fact, any that are right?
13 Nov 2015 14:42

Just another murdering racist and slave trader.
I would say bravo, well done, but I don't think he deserves the attention.
Well of course they are. Christian kids are brought up believing in a sadist who loves them except when he tortures them (Adam & Eve, Job, Jonah, etc).
Most major religions promote an all-powerful being who could stop kids from walking into their deaths but chooses not to.
No wonder they are confused and mean.
A huge win for the WWT, the Teamsters and the owner of the Burlington Northern & Satnta Fe (Warren Buffet) who is a major democrat contributor. Huge!

Sadly, this will mean more damage to the environment, as tar-sands oil is trucked and trained rather than sent by pipe.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Labour Lords Table Move To Give 16 and 17-Year-Olds The Vote In The EU Referendum
Why are they discriminating against 14 and 15 year olds?

Dozens Of High-Profile Hispanics Write Blistering Open Letter To Donald Trump
Good for them. Now it is time for Germanic Americans (a larger ethnic group than Hispanics) to write a similar letter.

YouGov Poll:  Britons Value Nightlife Over Whether A Country Persecutes LGBT People

Shows they still have some common sense.

The Supreme Court Is All Set To Hear The Next 'Hobby Lobby' Case
This is just the start. There is NO reason that Jewish and Muslim firms should have to pay for insurance that covers accident or illness relating to the cooking or eating or pork. Nor should Mormon or Muslim companies have to pay for insurance that covers accident or illness relatting to alcohol consumption. No Christian, Muslim or Jewish company should have to cover pregnancies resulting from adultery.

Well of course they are. Christian kids are brought up believing in a sadist who loves them except when he tortures them (Adam & Eve, Job, Jonah, etc).
     Most major religions promote an all-powerful being who could stop kids from walking into their deaths but chooses not to.
    No wonder they are confused and mean.Vi
RecommendA huge win for the WWT, the Teamsters and the owner of the Burlington Northern & Satnta Fe (Warren Buffet) who is a major democrat contributor. Huge!
    Sadly, this will mean more damage to the environment, as tar-sands oil is trucked and trained rather than sent by pipe.View discussion
2 Nov 2015 10:26
Much better to have a set piece under the control of the people we are trying to vet..   Of course, the media brought this on themselves: their insistance on lets-you-andhim-fitght and gotcha questions, both at the debates and in their daily reporting is what got the canndidates annoyed and the public to support them.View discussion

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

These Families Fought Foreclosure And Beat A Broken System
What a great story! Sensible people and a truly valuable collective, helping people who did not default on loans but who were the victims of fraud.

Ayatollah: 'Death To America' Slogan Is Not About Americans
True. And "Down with Ayatollahs" is not about Ali Khamenei . 
The slogan means down with the arrogance and the barbarism of those who use "Death to..." as a political slogan. "Down with Ayatollahs" is a slogan with strong support in the civilised world and in most intelligent minds everywhere..

London Bridge: DLR Strike Causes Chaos As Huge Queues Form Outside Station
Yep. The British delfinition of Chaos: 3 people jumped the orderly queues.

There's An 'Attractive Future' For Britain Outside The EU, Says Boris

That;'s what Alex Salmond said about Scotland and the UK.  He was wrong too.

Government Has 'No Plans' To Ban Gay Conversion Therapy
What? Nanny state is not going to ban something? I am amazed! Don't they realise that this is a chance to put government back into people's bedrooms?

Minister Wants More 'Mainstream' TV Roles For Transgender Actors

Okay, TV should reflect society. About 0.3% of folks are transgender. 
What percntage of these are " doctors, lawyers, nurses, police and MPs"?

Thousands Of Teenagers Won't Report Sexual Assault

"half of young people who did not report the crimes said it was because they were "not worth reporting"
      Don't they realise that life cannot be lived properly unless everything bad that ever happens is reported to the police and made part of the criminal justice system. How selfish of them to want to just get on with their lives.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Uncle Sam not better at haggling over medications
I am not sure why Ms Pipes is so strongly against free-market forces, not allowing Medicare to use its volume and buying power to get lower prices, as other drug-company customers do. She seems adamant that Medicare should pay more for its drugs than private companies do. Is it ideology only: would she change her mind if Medicare were made a private non-profit corporation? Or is it resentment that Medicare is so much more efficient than private Insurers, with overheads 50% lower than the best the private sector has to offer?

GOP Lawmaker Wants To Cut Religion From Tennessee's Curriculum, Because of  IslamButt is 100% right - either stop all religious teaching or teach the controversy:
Is there or is there not a god? What is the evidence? 
Which religion's description of god is the closest to reality? 

Tom Watson: 'If Anyone Deserves An Apology, It's The Victims Of Child Abuse'Is there any truth to all the rumours that Tom Watson was one of the child abusers?

Chilling Animation Of The Moment MH17 Was Hit By A Buk MissileAs cartoons go, that certainly is a chilling cartoon

Black people 3 times more likely to be tasered by Police
How many times more likely are they to assault police?
How many times more likely are they to commit violent crimes
13 Oct 2015 19:38
Wrong reasons? I did not know that survival was a wrong reason.
I suppose that reform and change is not what was wanted - we would only really be happy with the death penalty.
13 Oct 2015 19:34
7 Recommend
Well, what else are the courts for? I mean, if you can't sue your dead sister's 12-year-old kid, who can you sue?

12 Oct 2015 14:50
"Victimhood" is, indeed, real. It is a state of mind.
Sometimes it is a form of PTSD for those who went through the experience, sometimes it is a focusing on the past to escape doing anything in the present and sometimes it is an assumed garb by people who nothing happened to but who want to identify with others who something did happen to.

I have great sympathy for the first kind, some understanding for the second and nothing but contempt for the third.
3 Oct 2015 10:43
Absolutely right! Making fun of selfish girls is sexist.
Had they been selfish boys, it would have been okay - or at least not sexist.
    In Bryan Armen Graham's misandry, anything female-negative is sexism, anything male-negative is justice.
Even the natural beauty spot in the picture has already been marred by agricultural plots.
How dare she tell the truth? Off with her head!

30 Sep 2015 22:11
Do not build up! (We do not like high-rise blocks)
Do not build out! (We want our green belt kept pristine)
Why are prices going up? (Doh)

30 Sep 2015 22:02
In response to thinker25 "What sort of country would stand by and watch people being murdered, raped, castrated, and sold daily, women, men children, and babies, just what kind of country would stand by a let this sort of genocide happen?"   The countries included UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Benin, Soghai, Asante, Dahomey, Kaabu, Kong, Bamana, Oyo, Hausa, Nri and Kongo

Outrageous Cameron! Of course someone whose parents were not alive when the slave trade ended should  apologise to people whose grandparents were not alive when the slave trade ended.     PS:  If apologies are on offer, I think Cameron should apologise to the USA first - for providing the cause of the Civil War.
25 Sep 2015 07:23

Sounds like the Argentine journo is a bit racist as well as stupid

Monday, 28 September 2015

Richard Dawkins Says Islamophobia Is A 'Non-Word'
People create new words all the time, Richard. Get used to it.
Thus have we made Islamophobic and Anglophobic, homophobic and heterophobic.
       Still it is odd that, among religions, only Islam gets this distinction.  Hardly anyone says Buddhaphobic, Christianophobic, Sikhophobic or Shintophobic 
       Jewophobic has gotten its own special term - anti-semitic - which leaves only Arabophobic for the rest of the semites. (This is pretty hard cheese, since some of the most anti-semitic acts of recent times were perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinians.)
       Other groups have had to make do with more general terms - a Negrophobe is just called a racist. Probably because people do not like using the word negro at all anymore and Afrophobe sounds like hatred of a hair cut.

Edward Snowden: 'Inevitably Someone Like Me Is Going To Get Owned'
Kim Philby felt the same way.

Anarchists Class War Set Sights On Jack The Ripper Museum 
What a logical bunch: how can we protest violence against women,? 
I know, let's go commit violence on places where women work and terrorise their children! 
This will be especially effective if the place has a violence-against-women-is-wrong theme.

France: 'Assad Or ISIS' Thinking Means More Refugees, More Violence
Probably true. Sadly, he did not say what would mean less violence and fewer refugees.

Diane Abbott Accuses Labour MPs Of Wanting To Bomb Syria To Hurt Corbyn's Leadership
With friends like Diane, he doesn't need many enemies, does he?

Friday, 25 September 2015

Why Greece Shut The Shortest, Safest Route For Migrants And Refugees

I cannot understand why people want to protect their homeland's resources, infrastructure and culture.      Can't they see that these should all be given away to anyone who feels like their own homeland is not worth working to fix and has the gumption to leave it? 
     Countries should welcome any invasion as long the invaders don't carry guns.

Shadow Environment Secretary Says Treat Meat Eaters Like Smokers
Absolutely! People should be forced to eat meat outdoors and no meat should be sold in pubs and restaurants. Think of all those toxic carginogens that they exhale when eating meat indoors. 
    Of course, if she were actually serious about health, she would start with sugar, not meat. Instead, she has made a political decision that goes against human nature of an omnivore, probably only to confrim her status and self-belief as a vegan,. 
    Certainly there are good environmental reasons to cut down on meat consumption, but the health benefits are 100 time less than curtailing sugar.

Channel 4 Could Be Privatised Privatise. Is that Newspeak for "sell"?   If so, how much do they want for it? 
    Or for "take it out of the hands of bureaucrats"   
If so, ismply pass control to a not-for-profit company with no state ownership.

Jeremy Corbyn Says Piggate Scandal Risks Distracting From Real Issues
Good for him. About time someone got stuck in to the lazy fools who call themselves journalists but can only write a let's-you-and-him-fight story. 
     Not only do they distract attention from important matters, they deliberately make our society a nastier place to live.

And no laws, nor any amount of men waffling on, will change that.    Only women can change it.
It will stop when women stop allowing it to happen.

It's not my job to absolve white friends of racism, but it can seem that way 18 Sep 2015
As one black friend told me years ago regarding accusations of racism: "when you throw a stone into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one who got hit." (I think he got it from a Dick Gregory riff.)

While I see the point of "Racist intent isn’t a requirement for racism." But what it says is: "you better walk on tiippy-toes around me because, if I am offendied by something you do or say, I will call you a racists regardless of what you meant.

On that basis, Mr Carson, you are a racist. I quote "White people seem to have..."

On the other hand, I like your point: "Our society claims that there is a need to address racism while disavowing that almost anyone is a racist." Once both blacks and white admit that most blacks and whites are racists, the conversation on what we can do about that can begin.View discussion

Okay, over 50% of the cabinet are women, but they are not in the jobs that I want them to be in, so that must mean that the party and its leader are sexist.