Monday, 28 December 2015

Nicky Morgan Wants Schoolchildren Taught That Britain Is Mainly A Christian Country
And so they shoulld, because it is.
With an established church, Britain is a Chrstian country by law.
It would be extremely churlish to move to a country then ask that it change to suit you.  
That would be like marrying a Christian THEN insisting that they convert to something else.
Those who do not wish to live in a Christian country are not required to stay.

Richard Dawkins Responds To New Statesman Writer's Accusations Of 'Islamophobia'
He might also walk out on an interview with a Pastafarian, refusing to accept that the Flying Spaghetti Monster was a real god. Would that make him a Pastaphobe?

Not buying the miricles that a given religion believes in does not make one a "phobe"." If I do not believe that Moses parted the Red Sea, it does not make me an Anti-Semite nor a Christianophobe.

Explosive Documentary Links Peyton Manning, Major Athletes To Doping Ring
Nearly every NFL player takes pain killers. 
If that is not use of a performance-enhancing drug, then nothing is.

Migrant Children Explain Why They Traveled To The U.S. Alone
The main reason they come alone is because no one, not even their parents, care what happens to them. If they make it across Mexico it is just one more mouth for the US branch of the family to feed; if they die en route, problem solved. Either way they are no longer a burden at home, whether to the family or the country.

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