Thursday, 24 December 2015

David Cameron's 'Christian' Christmas Message Attacked
These folk must have missed the fact that the UK has an established religion. That is, the country is Christian (indeed Anglican) by law. 
     Secularism is a good idea, ignorance is not. 
     I blame our education system.

Labour Brands Help To Work Scheme A 'Cruel Joke'

The jobless claimants were NOT made to carry out unpaid work such as clearing up litter and graffiti in order to get their benefits. If they worked and were paid benefits, the work was not unpaid.
    Okay, I agree that it is cruel to call the scheme "help to work" if they are not helped to find work. 
    It should be called "work to earn" and they should just be required to do the work to get the money. Simply divide their benefits by the minuimum wage (or even by the living wage, if you like) and that will yield the number of hours of community service they should perform to warrant receiving their benefits.

Seven Children Drown Off Greek Island On Way To Europe

I am not certain how this Turkish refugeee crisis is allowed to contnue, with ruthless traffickers allowed to operate openly, profiting massively by assisting in the invasion of Greece.  
Why does Greece not load up ferries and take them all back to Turkey?

Immigration Officials To Launch Large-Scale Deportation Raids
What? They are going to enforce our laws? How dare they! Don't they realize that undocumented people have the right to violate any of our laws that they fiind inconvenient? 
     Looks like Obama is continuing his streak of deporting more illegals than any US president and lowering the numbet of illegals entering the USA more than any president. You would think he believes in the rule of law or something.

Cuban adjustment: Migrants talk why they're coming to America
"...economic opportunity, not political refuge, is why they are coming..."
Oh. Well that's okay if they are Cuban.
But if they are Mexican or Honduran, NO WAY!
Why? Well Oh shut up!

How do we reconcile today’s divergent voices of Islam?
We do not reconcile them. 
The KKK claimed to be Christian. They were not.'
The IRA and UDF calimed to be Christian.  They were not.
The Wahabis claim to be Muslim. They are not.
The Jihadis claim to be Muslim when they are the antithesis of Muslim: 
     the Jihadis are moharebeh, enemies of Islam and enemies of Allah.

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