Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Oil Industry Faces CollapseDon't hold your breath. 
As long as you and I and all of our neighbours keep buying fossil fuels, these companies will do just fine

ExxonMobil, Columbia University Clash Over Student Journalists' Reports
The Columbia dean, whose book indicates a clear bais against Exxon-Mobil, thinks it is okay for Columbia journalists to question the professional conduct and integrity of Exxon, but seems quite upset that Exxon might dare to question the professional conduct and integrity of Columbia journalists?
       Is this what they mean by the entitlement generation?
They are already coming to Britain to kill us, Ken
Do you think hiding under the bed will help.

Prince Charles' Interview Demands Labelled 'North Korea Style Censorship'
John Snow usually uses interviews to air his own opinions, to prove that he is a "tough journalist" and to demean the interviewee. I take it he was afraid that he would not be able to get away with this kind of behaviour under the Clarence House Rules.

Charlotte Church Tells MPs To Forget Asking Cameron For An Apology 
Dickhead is an extremely sexist remark; the equiavlent of c#nt-face.
Where is the outrage?

Physicists Explain Why Everyone Is Wrong About That Downed Russian Military Jet
7.5 seconds, implies the Turks issued a warning every 0.75 seconds. (Well, a bit less if the 1st warning was just before the jet entered Turkish airspaccee).   Even acceping the Turkish explanation of 17 seconds, that still means a warning every 2 seconds or less.
      Has anyone heard the tapes of these warnings yet?

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