Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Some Muslim Americans Irritated By Obama's Call For Them To 'Root Out' Extremism
"We would never ask any other faith community to stand up and condemn acts of violence committed by people within their groups"
That is simply not true.
If people commit violence in the name of a faith community, we ask that community to stand up and condemn those acts. We asked all Catholics and Protestant to stand up and condemn the IRA and the UDF. We asked all whites to stand up and condemn the KKK. We asked all pro-life groups to condemn anti-abortion violence, such as the Colorado Springs shootings.
Muslims do not get a free pass here and, given that Muslim terrorists kill mostly Muslims, it is in thier own interest not to have one,      
If people are killing in your name, it behooves you not only to stand up and condemn them, but to actively assist law enforcement in finding them. It can only help the image of Muslims if we get a few stories about how the Muslim community helped bring terrorists to justice.
Donald Trump’s comments escalate GOP rhetoric on Muslims
The Reinhard Heydrich of the Republican Party, this bigot is not as ignorant as he pretends.
     He knows that 95% of all Muslims are opposed to the jihadis, and that many Muslim countries have no terrorists at all, but he thinks that open bigotry wins votes. Sadly, he is not wrong

Obama urges Americans to 'not succumb to fear' in fight against Isis
It is tough not to, when the usual stalwarts of a brave and proud America (the Republicans) have turned into lily-livered, yellow-bellied cowards.

Yale Faculty Member Who Wrote Controversial Halloween Email Stops Teaching
Looks like the Donald Trumps of the student world got to her.

'Pampered teenagers': Ted Cruz condemns Princeton campus protesters
Cruz is right on so little, but even a blind hog finds an acorn once in awhile.
     The sanitation of history, the modern equivalent of book burning, is something we normally expect from Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Maoist China. It is unexpected to see such conservative positions from kids on US college campuses.
     Whether they are fairly described as "pampered" or not depends on who is paying their tuition and expenses: some certainly are pampered (at Princeton, perhaps even most), but the kids on student loans are most defintely NOT pampered.

Why is France a target? Look to its alienated Muslim youth

The idea that Muslims in Europe are radicalized because they are poor, badly educated and jobless is simply not bourne out by the facts. Almost all of the western-born Muslims who have perpetrated terrorist attacks in the west have been affluent, well educated and working at a job.
It is true that France(indeed most of Europe) has done little to integrate Muslims into the culture and community of France. The Muslim authorities (Imams, elected representatives, whatever) have done even less to foster such integration - they tend to focus on the differences of their community rather than on their common humanity with the rest of their country.

U.S. governors don’t have power to refuse refugees access to their states

Do they have the authority to ban all white christian males from any schools, as the mass school shootings have been perpetrated by white christian males

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