Saturday, 14 November 2015

At Mizzou, Yale and beyond, campus protests stir fresh questions about free speech
Ils sont Charlie?
    These students do not want free speech, they want safe speech: no offense, no risk, no controversy and, most importantly: no disagreement with their own views.
     If they view saying anything derogatory against any ethinc group, or using any sterotype, is hate speech,  does this  include calling whites "racist" or "priivileged"?

People Fighting For A Sustainable Future Have A Powerful New Tool
Be nice to have a map showing the world's biggest environmental hazard: places where people have more than 2 children.

Jeremy Clarkson Being Sued For ‘Racial Discrimination' By ‘Top Gear' Producer 
How does this work, when they are both the same race?    I am trying to come to grips with what kind of racist things Clarkson could have said: "Tymon, you white b@st@rd?" or "Tymon, you Honky?"

As Asylum Seekers Swap Prison Beds For Ankle Bracelets, Same Firm Profits
This is HORRIBLE. You mean that someone other than social workers and activists are profiting?

Jeremy Corbyn Says It Would Have Been Better If Jihadi John Had Been Put On Trial
True, I suppose, it would have been better to try lots of enemy soldiers, as there is nothing better to do with tax-payers money, 
      PS: What did Jeremy do to try to capture him?  Did he, as an MP, make representation to DOD asking that JihadiontheJohn be captured?   Did he raise it in parliament at question time? 
     Or does he content himself with Monday morning quarterbacking - criticising actions after the fact as wrong but never proposing, before the fact, any that are right?
13 Nov 2015 14:42

Just another murdering racist and slave trader.
I would say bravo, well done, but I don't think he deserves the attention.
Well of course they are. Christian kids are brought up believing in a sadist who loves them except when he tortures them (Adam & Eve, Job, Jonah, etc).
Most major religions promote an all-powerful being who could stop kids from walking into their deaths but chooses not to.
No wonder they are confused and mean.
A huge win for the WWT, the Teamsters and the owner of the Burlington Northern & Satnta Fe (Warren Buffet) who is a major democrat contributor. Huge!

Sadly, this will mean more damage to the environment, as tar-sands oil is trucked and trained rather than sent by pipe.

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