Saturday, 26 December 2015

We have stuffed our country. Open your doors so we can stuff yours too.

Video Of Israeli Extremists Mocking Death Of Palestinian Girl Sparks OutrageSee if we can get Cruz to say the words: Radical Jewish Terrorists

U.S. Planning Operation To Deport Central American Families

Immigrants should only have to follow those laws that they find convenient. 
Any laws or court orders that they do not like should simply not be obeyed. 
We have to teach these people that there are no consequences if they ignore our laws and our courts!

Muslim Community 'Making Less Than 10%'Of Referrals I understand the problem. There are some 80 million gun owners in the USA and 12,000 gun homicides each year, yet fewer than 10% of irresponsible gun owners are referred to the police by the gun-owning community. 

The majority of referrals come from schools and businesses, which is breeding is distrust and disillusionment amongst American gun owners

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