Wednesday, 4 November 2015

These Families Fought Foreclosure And Beat A Broken System
What a great story! Sensible people and a truly valuable collective, helping people who did not default on loans but who were the victims of fraud.

Ayatollah: 'Death To America' Slogan Is Not About Americans
True. And "Down with Ayatollahs" is not about Ali Khamenei . 
The slogan means down with the arrogance and the barbarism of those who use "Death to..." as a political slogan. "Down with Ayatollahs" is a slogan with strong support in the civilised world and in most intelligent minds everywhere..

London Bridge: DLR Strike Causes Chaos As Huge Queues Form Outside Station
Yep. The British delfinition of Chaos: 3 people jumped the orderly queues.

There's An 'Attractive Future' For Britain Outside The EU, Says Boris

That;'s what Alex Salmond said about Scotland and the UK.  He was wrong too.

Government Has 'No Plans' To Ban Gay Conversion Therapy
What? Nanny state is not going to ban something? I am amazed! Don't they realise that this is a chance to put government back into people's bedrooms?

Minister Wants More 'Mainstream' TV Roles For Transgender Actors

Okay, TV should reflect society. About 0.3% of folks are transgender. 
What percntage of these are " doctors, lawyers, nurses, police and MPs"?

Thousands Of Teenagers Won't Report Sexual Assault

"half of young people who did not report the crimes said it was because they were "not worth reporting"
      Don't they realise that life cannot be lived properly unless everything bad that ever happens is reported to the police and made part of the criminal justice system. How selfish of them to want to just get on with their lives.

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