Sunday, 20 December 2015

Richard Dawkins Accuses Pope Francis Of 'Religious Gullibility' Over Mother Teresa"...history's most fondly remembered missionaries."
    With today's short attention span, 18 year's ago is about all of the history we can remember. No? Okay, other than Albert Schweitzer, name three missionaries from history.

Is Critical Thought Being Suppressed In Scotland?

Critical thinking has disappeared in most places, so why should Scotland be any different?
If you didn't know that anything bad is ALWAYS someone else's fault, I don't know where you have been for the past decade. 
      Okay, the Selfish National Party is at the acme of this philosophy, but they are a long way from the only proponents. Look at all the UK laws that are "the EU's fault". Look at all the pollution caused by making things we buy and throw away that are some big coorporation's fault. Look at all the criticism of companies that only pay the taxes that our laws require them to pay. The SNP has no monopoly here.

Time for Germanic Americans to stand up against hamburgers and frankfurters. 
Time for Mexican Americans to stand up against chilli.
But, on a college campus, Italian Americans will never have the courage to stand up against pizza. They would be slaughtered where they stood.

The Australian Newspaper Slammed For 'Racist' Cartoon Of Indians Eating Solar Panels
As most humor relies on belittlng someone, best never to have a cartoon depicting any ethnicity at all. 
       It is much less racist simply to state that Indians are breeding like rabbits, which is the main cause of climate change, that their government is openly encouraging the growth of green-house gas emissions and that the average Indian is too ignorant of the issues to care very much. Of course, saying so in this way is not very funny.

Why $1.38 A Week Is At The Heart Of The War For The Democratic Party
There is a war for the heart of the Democratic party? 
How many have died so far?

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