Sunday, 12 May 2019

Trump Seeks New $15 Billion Subsidy To Protect Farmers From His Own Trade War
A woman of colour accused another woman of colour for being impolite and for violating the rules. But people don't want to focus on the impoliteness and violating the rules, they want to focus on the woman of colour who raised the complaint. Why is that?
This Mother's Day, Here's How To Celebrate And Support LGBTQ Moms
Don't forget the RF: LBGTQRF!
    1. The “Constitutional Crisis” is the Democrats refusing to work. Let them start by fixing the mess that their Immigration Laws have caused at the Southern Border.
    2. You had the House and Senate for 2 years. Why did you do nothing? Nothing at all. For two years.View Tw
      End of conversation
    1. New conversation
      Ever since the Mueller Report showed No Collusion & No Obstruction, the Dems have been working overtime to damage me and the Republican Party by issuing over 80 demands for documents and testimonies, and with NO REASON. That’s all they want to do - don’t care about anything else!
    2. The Dems are not, the US Congress is. And independents like me are encouraging them to do it. PS: The summons have nothing to do with the Republican Party.

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