Friday, 24 May 2019

Potential Clash Over Secrets Looms Between Justice Dept. and C.I.A.
Mr. Barr wanted to learn more about sources in Russia, including a key informant who helped the C.I.A. conclude that President Vladimir V. Putin ordered the intrusion on the 2016 election.
Get him out now! Trump does not care about people who put their life on the line for America, he only cares about himself. Indeed, if I were the CIA I would suspend ALL overseas activity until his presidency is over: because he will throw anyone under the bus.

Theresa May’s Resignation Throws a Fractured Britain Into Further TurmoilSadly, there is not a majority in parliament for ANY option, so the next prime minister will meet the same fate as Ms May. The cheerful thing is that s/he will have less time to do it, so we may see an end to this saga by the new year.
The problem is simple: neither the Tory Party nor the Labour Party represent Britain.

A Doctor Explains How Missouri’s Abortion Ban Is Already Hurting WomenWhen the penalty for aborting a rape baby is more stringent that the penalty for rape, you know it is a war on women. The society of the Handmaid's Tale springs to mind.

‘Sexist’ videos edited to make Nancy Pelosi look drunk go viral, with Trump’s help
If this had been a man, would it still be sexist?

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