Saturday, 25 May 2019

Identity politics is dividing Britons, warns equality commission chief
David Isaac says people’s growing tendency to define themselves by faith, gender or race is diminishing empathy
We brought it on ourselves. We preached diversity, diversity, diversity: what makes you important, what make you you, is how you are different from others, not how you are the same.  What did you expect to happen?

Hillary Clinton Rips Trump For Spreading ‘Sexist Trash’ With Nancy Pelosi Smear
So if the target was a man, instead of a woman, would it still be sexist? On the "constitutional crisis" - Gosh, that is the third one this week. Getting to be the norm now.

Of course Siri is sexist – submissive, compliant, a PA and housekeeper rolled into oneWhat utter claptrap from the I-can-be-more-offended-than-you-can brigade. If Siri and Alexa had male voices, she would be writing that it was sexist because they helped you with information, put your life in some kind of order and did all kinds of things for you that a women would normally do.

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