Tuesday, 12 February 2019

With Shutdown Looming, Border Deal Is Reached ‘in Principle’
Who knows where this will go, as in depends on Trump's mood when it crosses his desk. How can congress, or the american people, know what will happen when even Donnie Trump doesn't know what he will do.

Ilhan Omar Apologizes for Statements Condemned as Anti-Semitic
She should know that ANY criticism of Israel is considered anti-semitic - even those who criticize Israel for being anti-semitic against the semitic arabs in its borders.
But shouldn't she have to resign? How is anti-semitism different from blackface.
Or is it like Kobluchar: you can bully or be anti-semitic if you are a woman, but not if you are a man.

Just 12 Labour Party Members Expelled For Anti-Semitism In Past Year
Gosh, That's fewer than were expelled for sexual assault!
We should have a purge and expel at least 1500. If we can't find 1500 anti-semites, we could just select party members at random and expel them so that people know we are serious about this.

How Lorena Bobbitt Reclaimed Her Place In History
She sexually assaulted a guy and got away with it (and, yeah, he deserved it and then some)
but it is ever so nice to feel vindicated about a sexual assault

Trump Doubles Down On Border Security At Rally: ‘Walls Save Lives’
You have to understand: Donnie just wants to live in a gated community.

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