Saturday, 2 February 2019

Virginia House Democrats Call For Gov. Ralph Northam’s Resignation
Well of course he should resign because we all believe that It is not possible for people to grow . Whatever beliefs and attitudes people had when they were 25 are the beliefs and attitudes they have now, no matter what experiences they have had over the next 25 years. We know that change is not possible for women, people of colour or for whites.

11 'WTF?' TV Moments That We Can't Believe Ever Made It To Screen
Having a "white Finnish woman" dressing like a Japanese is cultural appropriation, just as it would be for a Japaese to perform Sebelius or a song by Tarja Turunen or to act in a role in Shakespeare.
PS: Why use euphemisms?  Why not just say "What The Fuck?

  1. “This proposal has the potential to be the most significant change in how Americans’ drugs are priced at the pharmacy counter, ever.” –
  2. Good on you,, Mr Azar. We could also allow Medicaid and Medicare to negotiate prices for drugs in the free market. That would be an even bigger change.

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