Saturday, 23 February 2019

At long last, the cabinet is rebelling against Theresa May to block a no-deal Brexit
The revolt could open the way to a Final Say referendum on the terms of leaving the EU
A second referendum would be undemocratic. 
In American, we vote for congressmen every two years.
Once chosen, we should have to put up with that congressman until he dies.

The Democratic Field For President Has Gotten Quite Crowded
David Greene talks to Democratic strategist Karine Jean-Pierre about the 2020 primary contenders.   
    In a recent NPR interview with Karine Jean-Pierre, national spokeswoman for the “Move On” organization, the interviewer played a clip from a Pennsylvania country that the democrats lost:
“...we have to start appealing to working class people, not the social issue that get attention on the national stage…”

The Interviewer wanted to know of the Democratic candidates: “Who has a plan?”
Karine had no answer. Instead, she started talking about the social issues that get attention on the national stage: income inequality and taxing the rich.

Now Karine Jean-Pierre may be just stupid or had a senior moment (yes, even young people get senior moments) and couldn’t think of anyone who has a plan.
But I suspect she is right: no one currently in the race has a plan for Democrats to win back their natural base: the working class American.

They had better get one. Because a “party of colour” is not enough to win an American election.
The current candidate list is not impressive:

John Delaney is the best hope, with blue-collar roots, devout Christian, successful business man, anti-socialist, anti-gerrymandering but, sadly, I predict he will not last the primaries. Too sensible.

Biden and Bloomberg have name recognition and good policies, but they are so rich they turn off the working class and so old that they turn off millennials.

Kamala Harris is attractive, but her only claim to fame is she wants to raise taxes and supports to New Green Deal

Julian Castro is too latino and too free trade
Corey Booker is too black and too focused on minimum wage
Beto O’Roarke is too millennial
Kristen Gillibrand is too #metoo (good idea, but turns off many men)
Amy Kobluchard is a bully

Andrew Yang and Elizabeth Warren are single issue people
Tulsi Gabbard, Mariane Williamson and Pete Buttigieg are flakes
and Bernie Sanders is just an idiot.

The leftward drift of the Democratic party and the Cult of Personality that Trump is turning the Republicans into, violating nearly every conservative principal they had, leaves former conservative independents like me wondering where to turn.
Libertarians again? Bill Weld or Patrick Byrne. Sad.

Still, nothing will get me to vote for the traitor who currently occupies the White House.
Will I have to prostitute my vote to get the Liar in Chief out? I hope not.

But if it comes down to Bernie Sanders and Donnie Trump, I will move countries.

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