Tuesday, 8 January 2019

 priority objectives for America

You ask a deep question, so I may need to reserve the right to change my mind after I have thought about it a bit, but here are my 5 from the top of my head:

       1. Conservation: Bring back pollution controls for air and water, protect national parks, subsidize renewable energy until we lead the market, institute a carbon tax, get serious about climate change planning, do not allow private enterprise to use state lands without a reasonable fee.

2      2  Balanced Budget: No deficits unless there is a recession. Require corporate taxpayers to pay an alternative minimum tax if their bracket falls below 25% of profits.  Repeal all corporate welfare, especially oil, gas, agribusiness and airlines, but all others as well.

        3  Stop Tyranny: Reverse Citizen United, stop dark money and PACs.  Require all political ads that are paid for in full or in part, by money from outside the election district to say “This ad was paid for by money from outside our election district.”  All redistricting to be settled by an independent commission.  Allow open primaries.

        4  Free trade: Strive for no tariffs, as in the TPP

        5 Reduce Inequality:  Repeal the step-up-in-basis rule, tax all estates over 5 million, raise taxes for the rich, with all tax increases on a percentage basis, and all tax refunds on a fixed dollar amount for each tax payer

The other two are probably simply impossible, but a guy can dream:

        6  An American culture that is not hyphenated (no Irish-American,  Afro-America, Italian-American, Muslim-American, German-American, Hispanic-American, Greek-American, Jewish-American, Swedish-American, Sikh-American, yada yada yada)

        Stop the US President from sucking up to dictators, whether Bush, Obama or Trump

‘I Love My Skin!’ Why Black Parents Are Turning to Afrocentric Schools
Yeah. This diversity idea was a really bad one. We don't want diversity, we just want to split up.
We need to divide America by race, gender religion and and whatever other things we can find to divide us.
Sounds like collusion to me.

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