Friday, 7 December 2018

NYT: CBS Paid $5 Million In Settlement Over ‘60 Minutes’ Creator’s Alleged Sexual Assault
Well, you can't libel the dead and he is not around to defend himself.
I'm expecting sexual allegations against Roosevelt and Washington next.

Elite Schools Send More Students To Oxbridge Than 2,900 Schools Combined
Gosh. You mean a meritocracy works? Can't have that, can we.

At ‘60 Minutes,’ Independence Led to Trouble, Investigators Say
This is a beat up. The story does not support the headline.

‘Contempt’ of parliament: aren't we all guilty of that?
"Indeed, if holding parliament and its antics in revulsion, repugnance, odium, and execration were really illegal, few of us would escape conviction."

Police to stop passing on immigration status of crime victims
New measures include ban on officers checking computer to see if someone has leave to remain in UK
Indeed.  Why should police know if someone has committed a crime.  It's none of their business.

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