Sunday, 7 October 2018

White Women, Come Get Your People
"These are the kind of women who think that being falsely accused of rape is almost as bad as being raped."   
Actually, it is much, much worse.
Still, it is nice to see this turned into a racist meme.

If the world is too complex, hate your neighbour
    David Brooks, the conservative NYT columnist, is worried about a complete breakdown in the legitimacy of our public institutions. “The Supreme Court is no longer a place where justices dispassionately rule on the Constitution. It’s a place where they cast predictable party-line votes.” Many of the Court's rulings that have the greatest influence on American life are increasingly decided by the narrowest possible margin. It wasn't always this way. From 1801 to 1940, less than 2 percent of the Supreme Court's total rulings were resolved by 5-to-4 decisions. Since then, more than 16 percent of the Court's rulings were 5-4 and in the two most recent Courts, more than a fifth of all rulings were decided by 5-to-4 votes.

Brooks calls this the result of an epidemic of bigotry. Bigotry involves creating a stereotype about a disfavoured group and then applying that stereotype to an individual you’ve never met.  Is he a lefty, is he a righty.  “A complete pulverization of the actual individuals involved in the case — a retreat from complex particularity to simplistic group prejudice.

The problem is that America does not understand the world.  It does not understand why Bush Sr’s “New World Order” is falling apart, why Canada and Europe are no longer our allies, why Russia can conduct espionage in the US with impunity, nor why China will overtake the USA in economic power: didn’t they used to be a third world country?    

With all of this uncertainty about what is happening in the world, it is much easier to get exercised about someone in your own country.  Ok, it is lazy, but somehow comforting.  The “real” enemy is not Kim Yung Un or Putin or Xi, it is your neighbour.    The left are easy for the right to hate: socialism, abortion, immigration, sharia law – all things that will destroy the America we  love.  The right are easy for the left to hate: uncaring racist xenophobes, war on women, stacking the deck for the rich - all things that will destroy the America we  love.

Could it be that these are just patriotic Americans with different ideas of how to get thing done?   Nah!  If you are not in my party, you cannot be a patriot: you are a communist/fascist whose only desire is to bring down our country.      We don’t understand the world and there are too many things out there that dispute our natural American exceptionalism. It is just too hard.  Let’s hate and fear someone closer to home: it’s much easier.  

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