Wednesday, 18 July 2018

  1. Slime ball Jon Fishman making a big splash staying at the famous underwater hotel. Megan Kelly was very unimpressed , and let me tell you , it’s very easy to impress her
  2. None fan of either of these people,but you rally are a nasty little shit, aren't you Donnie. The President of the United States doing cheap shots about an aging rock star and a has-been journalist. So Sad.

    Trump Questions the Core of NATO: Mutual Defense, Including Montenegro     
Well, the world knows that America's word cannot be trusted. (e.g.Crimea)
Why should the EU or Canada come to the aid of the US if she is in her hour of need?
Oh, because they gave their word.
God, these Canadians and Europeans are so 20th century.

Inside the Trinitarios: How a Gang Feud Led to the Death of a Teenager
Why are these people allowed to buy guns?

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