Thursday, 19 July 2018

In His Latest Account of His Meeting With Putin, Trump Says He Laid Down the Law
The French have a word for this:  "mot d'escaleir"  
"What I SHOULD have said in that meeting we just had."
His base believes him.  No one else does.

Trump's Tariffs On Canadian Newsprint Risk Killing U.S. Newspapers
That was one of the reasons it was done.
American are tired of these outlets that keep publishing the truth.
We only want fake news.

Margaret Hodge Faces Disciplinary After Calling  Corbyn An Anti-Semitic Racist
Of course he's an anti-semite racist, as are the the Islamophobic people in the party, including many Jews. Remember, Jews and Arabs are both semites and being against either one is anti-semitism.
Still, she should definitely be disciplined: one does't tell the truth about one's own party.

I am particularly impressed by Rees-Mogg, the strongest spokesman for Brexit, who moved his firm from England to the EU in preparation for the event.

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