Friday, 8 June 2018

Trump Calls for Russia to Be Readmitted to G-7
Well of course he does. Putin told him to do it.
This is to reward Russia for annexing the Crimea – a country whose territorial integrity was guaranteed by the USA. 
Or perhaps for aiding and abetting Syria in gassing of their own civilians. 
Or perhaps for encouraging Iran in middle-east adventurism.
       Well, I am not sure what we are rewarding Russia for, but Donnie will know

Guardian Cartoonist Steve Bell Denies Anti-Semitism Claims After Drawing Spiked By Editor
Any suggestion that Israel or Nattyohoo had anything to do with Palestinians dying in Gaza is anti-semetism. The 121 who died were also semites, but that is okay because Israel is allowed to kill anyone they want to in Gaza.

The Most Powerful Conservative Couple You’ve Never Heard Of
The billionaire Republican donors have poured money into groups backing right-wing candidates, helping to shape the 2018 midterm elections.
Of course they do, it pays off. They know where there bottom line is and they know which party will give them payments where it counts.  They know who their votes can buy and who will buy their votes.

Ex-Minister Kent Hehr To Stay In Liberal Caucus After Misconduct Probe
Oh No! He called a woman "yummy." That's a crime right there. Lynch him! (I am assuming he did not have her permission, in writing in advance, for calling her "yummy".)

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