Friday, 18 May 2018

Why laws based on these measures, which even gun owners' support, cannot pass is due to the NRA and their ability to buy people in congress.

Public Support for Gun Violence Prevention Policies Among Gun Owners and Non–Gun Owners in 2017  The findings will be published online in the American Journal of Public Health at 4 P.M. EDT on May 17, 2018. 
The policies with the highest overall public support at, by gun ownership status, included:
universal background checks  (85.3 percent gun owners, 88.7 percent non-gun owners support),

license suspension for gun dealers who cannot account for 20 or more guns in their inventory  (82.1 percent gun owners , 85.7 percent non-gun owners support),

higher safety training standards for concealed-carry permit holders  (83.0 percent gun owners, 85.3 percent non-gun owners support),

improved reporting of records related to mental illness for background checks (83.9 percent gun owners, 83.5 percent non-gun owners support),

gun prohibitions for people subject to temporary domestic violence restraining orders (76.9 percent gun owners, 82.3 percent non-gun owners support),

and gun violence restraining orders, or extreme risk protection orders or Red Flag laws  (74.6 percent gun owners, 80.3 percent non-gun owners support).

Views on gun policy (Pew Research)

Speaker John Bercow accused of calling Andrea Leadsom a 'stupid woman
Was she acting like a stupid woman at the time? Why were people outraged?  If he said stupid man about a male colleague, no one would upset.  Is this some kind of sexism that says women and men must be treated differently, with deference to women at all costs?

Hannity Flips Out: Mueller Probe ‘Is A Direct Threat To This American Republic’
It is more likely that Hannity and Trump are a direct threat to the American Republic.

  1. Tomorrow, the House will vote on a strong Farm Bill, which includes work requirements. We must support our Nation’s great farmers!
  2. Corporate welfare.

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