Monday, 16 April 2018

The Blue Wave Might Not Happen

Trump is said to be morally unfit to be President of the United States.   Well of course he is, anyone with the sense God gave a goose knows this.  The problem is that no one cares.  We just don’t care that our President is immoral.  We have given up on morality.  All we care about is winning.

This is true of even of those one would think should care.  Evangelicals do not care if our President treats women as meat, and long as he opposes abortion.  Trade unions do not care if he is a racist, as long as he favours protectionism.  The rich do not care if he lies, as long as he gives them massive tax cuts.  The military/industrial complex do not care if he is a stain on all our country holds dear, as long as he increases military spending.   Some conservatives are even willing to put up with $1 trillion in deficits each year, if it means the Republican party wins.

Not only have we made winning the be all and end all of political life, we have made it part of our moral life as well.   Does it matter if he lost with honour?  Who cares, he lost.  Does it matter if he cheats to win?  As long as he didn’t get caught or can bluff his way through.

Someone asked about the Syria airstrikes: what were our President’s goals?   You have to understand that he does not have goals in a military or business management sense.  He just checks his ratings.  He is, at heart, a reality TV show host, and he runs his presidency that way.  He measures himself almost solely on his ratings.  

The mainstream media give him what he wants and needs: attention. They hang on every word he tweets.  And it doesn’t really matter if, like FOX they fawn on every statement or, like MSNBC, they excoriate anything he has to say regardless of merit.  They are ratings: they say that he matters.

This makes me think that the so-called “blue wave” predicted for the mid-term elections may, in fact, not happen. The Democrats just don’t make the news these days, because they have nothing sensational to say.   They will do fine with black and Hispanic voters, but they have alienated their base in the white-collar worker and the common labourer.  So far, they don’t seem to be able to come up with anything to win them back.

Meanwhile Trump gets the headlines, day in day out.   It’s how he won the presidency.  
It may be how he will win the mid-term elections.

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