Friday, 30 March 2018

Veterans Groups Worry VA Chief’s Ouster Sets The Stage For Privatization
What are Vets for, if not to make a profit on?

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Awards $75K To Teen Sexually Harassed As An Intern
Assault is assault, so he got what he deserved.
But if a woman asked these same questions, would that also be sexual harassment. (...asked G.M. questions about her favourite sex positions and what sexual activities she enjoyed). If not, then there is something seriously sexist about this charge. If a woman can ask a question but a man cannot, that is sexist.

This Is What A Forced Deportation Sounds Like When It Goes Wrong
Gosh, it is so brutal that these people have to obey the law. 
Shouldn't they only have to obey those laws that are convenient to them and ignore anything else
Shouldn't anybody who has gotten in be allowed to stay, preferably at taxpayer expense.

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