Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Pennsylvania Republican Wants Democrats On State Supreme Court Impeached
Well of course they should be impeached. I'd say they were treasonus.
If your own state supreme court won't let you fix elections, what is this world coming to. 

White House Says Congress Must Accept Its Terms on Immigration
Not to accept Donnie Trump's term would be treasonus

Trump Saw A Military Parade In France And Now He Wants One Of His Very Own
It would be treasonus not to give our Dear Leader a parade.

Labour's Ruling NEC Urged To Take Tougher Action Against Online Abuse
That would be okay, as long as Momentum people were excepted. 
They abuse both on-line and off-line: it's what they do.

Steve Paikin, TVO's 'The Agenda' Host, Denies Sexual Harassment Allegation
Did he do it? Who cares?
No evidence? who cares?
Woman just wanting attention? Who cares?
He is ACCUSED! Lynch him.

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