Thursday, 18 January 2018

On Aziz Ansari And Sex That Feels Violating Even When It’s Not Criminal
Feels violating but not criminal says to me "why did you go there." 
     Most of this comes from people having sex with people you don't know. If you had gotten to know the guy with 10 or 20 dates, including lunch, dinner, breakfast, sports, friends, and family, then I'll believe you that you were surprised by his behavior. If you didn't, I've got no sympathy. Take some responsibility for your sexual behavior.

The Girl Who Lied About Hijab Attack Deserves An Apology
It is true. Eleven-year-olds are NOT responsible, whether they hacked someone else's hijjab or said someone hacked theirs. We cannot hold children responsible for this kind of hate crime.

Floyd Mayweather gives stunningly ignorant response to #MeToo question
Jeez what a tool. He doesn't follow the media and what they think is important. How dare he?

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