Sunday, 14 May 2017

‘Tories Are For Rich, White People’
If someone said "The Labour Party is for poor black people," would anyone think the statement was racist?

Labour Announces A ‘Robin Hood Tax’ To Help Fund Public Services
If you think a tax on tobacco will reduce smoking but a tax on financial transactions will not reduce financial transactions, you could be a Corbynista.   If you think a reduction in financial transactions won;t mean a reduction in jobs, you could be an idiot.

Oh, good! He is going after the Selfish National Party. 
He'll need to pony up quite a bit more though.

John McDonnell Warns BAE Systems Could Lose Major Government Of course this is exactly what we want: Government deciding how all UK businesses should be run and only contracting with those companies who do as they are told.

Twelfth Night, Olivier, National Theatre, London, review: 
Just saw the last day of Simon Godwin’s gender-issue production of 12th Night – a vicious swipe at the LBGT community. I imagine the extremely talented cast are very relieved. It must be uncomfortable for actors of such brilliant abilities to be directed into frenetic slapstick while turning Shakespeare’s play into a series of brutal attacks on the gay, bi and gender-confused.

We are shown that LGBT folk are:
· monumentally selfish, as each character ranks their own feelings and needs above those of any other
· slow on the uptake: unable to see through the simplest ruses nor react to good news
· devoid of loyalty, unless forced into displaying some.
· unspeakably cruel: willing to utterly destroy a colleague for a bit of fun
· unfamiliar with remorse for such cruelty

I am not certain what Mr Godwin has against the LBGT community but I am surprised, in this day and age of political correctness, that he is allowed to get away with it. But perhaps I misunderstand: it may be that he is honestly trying to help the general public understand what the community is like – or at least what he thinks it is like.

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